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July 2014 Classification Highlights

Winterbay Goldwyn Lotto EX 95

Lotto’s family continues to excel

Her sister Winterbay Fever Legacy scored VG 89 at 3 yrs, now owned by Ferme Blondin
We have Brokaw Embryos available from her sister Winterbay Goldchip Liberty VG 86 2 yrs

Her full sister Winterbay Goldwyn Ladeeda VG 88 has a milking Daughter

Winterbay Windbrook Ladeeda VG 85

Her milking yearling sister Winterbay Atwood Lock VG 85
Lotto’s sister’s daughter Winterbay Steinway Lotus VG 85


Winterbay Gold Lotto EX 95 
Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair 2010

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Abbey VG 88 3yrs
Full sister to Missy

Abbey is proving to be a brood cow like her sisters

She now has 5 milking daughters and all are scored between 85-88 points at 2 yrs
Winterbay Braxton Abbey VG 88
Winterbay Windbrook Ace VG 87
Winterbay Windbrook Abbey VG 86
Winterbay Braxton Abigail VG 86
Winterbay Windbrook Abel VG 85
The next one – Winterbay Windbrook Apple:

1st Jr 2 yr old , Int Ch and Honorable Mention Grand Champion Rimouski (Owned by JM Valley)



 Eastside Lewisdale Gold Abbey VG 88 full sister to

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX 95

Other Classification Highlights
2 new excellent
Winterbay Sanchez Imagine EX
Winterbay Redesign Rita EX

7 VG 2 Year Olds and 2 Multiple Excellents


Herd Classification
21 EX  62 VG  22GP


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